What's planned for 2022

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13, 14 and 15 October 2022 - Keep a look out to the west, especially at dawn


Written by David Haig - Directed by Rosemary Nice
D-Day, June 1944. The Allied forces led by General Eisenhower are poised to launch. 350,000 lives are at stake and the decision of whether or not to attack comes down to the most important weather forecast of all time. The play centres on the true story of James Stagg and Operation Overlord, in particular the weather-forecasting for the D-Day landings and the resultant tensions between Dwight D.…
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12, 13 and 14 January 2023 - Escape to the fairytale world of this famous author.

Hans Christian Andersen

By Frank Loesser, Directed by Susanna Seaford
"Hans Christian Andersen" is a superb musical, written by Frank Loesser (of Guys and Dolls fame). It is a wonderful story loosely based on the famous storyteller's life in Denmark in the mid 1830's. Packed full with lots of magical musical numbers , many with connections back to such wonderful Walt…
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23, 24 and 25 March 2023

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

By David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr
Every drama group has experienced the horrors of what can go wrong on, and the ladies of the F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are no different. Collapsing scenery, missed cues, forgotten lines, and misplaced sound effects, but the ladies soldier on through their evening's entertainment.