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Blood Brothers – Youth Theatre Workshop and production

By Willy Russell, directed by Karen BlundenFollowing on from the recent, resounding success of “The Sound of Music”, and in particular the incredible talent and enthusiasm of the young cast of this production, HTC is excited to launch a YOUTH THEATRE group with its first ensemble workshop production of Willy Russell’s acclaimed play, BLOOD BROTHERS. This NON-MUSICAL version (singing not required), aimed at 10-18 year olds, tells the story of twin brothers, Mickey and Edward Johnstone, via the key moments in their lives from birth, through their childhood, teenage years, adulthood and finally their tragic deaths

Karen Blunden, an experienced Theatre-in-Education director and drama teacher, will lead a series of workshops during half term (dates below), from which an ensemble of approximately 15 characters will be cast.
“Blood Brothers is a very human story about love, friendship and hidden truths, as relevant today as when it was written 40 years ago. I want to explore and produce a theatrical experience where the audience and cast can laugh and cry together. It’s a powerful, moving and compassionate play and stands for everything I believe theatre can be.”

Following the workshops, a 12-week rehearsal period will follow , culminating in 3 performances to which friends/family and members of HTC will be invited to attend.

WORKSHOPS   (Henfield Hall, Main Hall)
A £10 fee for all 3 sessions will be payable at the beginning of the first workshop.

Those cast in the production, will be required to attend


Numbers are limited so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Willy Russell said recently, “If I have a day when I haven’t done something new and creative, I feel really uneasy” ... so why not follow in his footsteps and come and explore your creativity in this new and exciting venture…

To register your interest and reserve your place / your child’s place, please email , quoting your name / child’s name and date of birth.  Please also give a telephone number.

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